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Poster: Classic_TV_and_Radio_Fan Date: Sep 8, 2008 5:50am
Forum: feature_films Subject: Some Requests, Light-hearted and slightly surreal

After watching an evil saiyan getting ready for some slaughter, I thought to myself "Man, IA Needs more silent classics!", and as such, I'd really like to see "The Patchwork Girl of Oz" uploaded, even if a couple minutes of the film are lost. It's a very common silent, even Alpha "We released Betty Hutton's F-ing sitcom" Video has released it, despite protests by hipsters who claimed the film was "too good" to be uploaded to IA (The silent film, not the sitcom). Now, normally my transvestite self would upload it, but damn it, Mr Piccolo told me not to. While we are at it, King Kai would like to see some Lon Chaney, Sr. films uploaded, since universal destroyed many of them. Universal also destroyed much of their other silent films, so if you come across any survivers of that ruthless studio, please upload them. Speaking of ruthless, Nappa would like to see Rick Prelinger upload more silent thingys, such as advertising and classroom films. Oh, and Gohan wants more TECHNICOLOR, so please upload some, sound or silent! And, of course, Gohan is the most cuddly swordsmen ever, so please upload some silent fantasy pictures featuring swords.


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Seriously though, more silents would be great, no matter what kind they are, and as another person said, more sound films with John Wayne would be cool too!